Please note: While we make every effort to be error free - You are responsible for catching any errors like sizing, ink colors, spelling, placement, garment colors, etc.

If anything is incorrect or you are unsure about colors, impression size, or image placement request verification and a new sample or proof ! "Approved with changes" means "NOT APPROVED"

Spelling and Dates (Year, Month, Day)
We thoroughly proof our artwork prior to sending it to you. However, there are times where we will miss something. This is why we send a sample or proof so that you can serve as a second set of eyes for errors. Even when customers supply the text there is a chance that it was not transferred correctly. We have had instances where customer supplied text was misspelled or incorrect. If you approve the proof, we are no longer responsible for any errors- so check all the spelling, names, and dates thoroughly!!! Pay special attention to the following- Dates- Including the Year / Names -Especially longer or unusual names or nicknames, lengthy team names or sponsor lists / Event names that may be pluralized - Ex. Championship vs. Championships

Color Matching
Ink colors may vary from what you see on the proof due to computer monitor calibration, and other circumstances. T Shirts are not back-lit like computer monitors, so your eyes may perceive a particular color to be lighter or darker on the screen than it actually is on the shirt. Also, every brand of monitor will display colors differently which can result in them having different tones than the actual color really is. Furthermore colors may appear differently based on the background or the colors surrounding them. We are not responsible for variations from the proof to the actual garment if your computer is calibrated differently.

Pantone Matching System
The print industry has a unified color numbering system which standardizes colors.
We use this system to make sure we are giving you the exact colors we specified on the proof. If you need an exact color please provide a spot uncoated Pantone color number. Pantone color charts are available at local print shops, copy shops, and online. If you do not provide a pantone color we will choose the ink colors that we determine look best for your artwork.

Garment Colors
We make every effort to represent the garment color as closely as possible. However it is impossible to perfectly match fabric in a digital proof. If a particular garment color is extremely important we can ship you a sample. However this will significantly slow down turnaround times and can incur extra expenses.

Print Sizing
Typical sizing for impressions are as follows-

Oversize - 17 inches wide or 22 inches tall whichever is larger (extra charge applies)
Full Size -12 inches wide or 14 inches tall whichever is larger
Pocket area - 3.5 to 4.5 inches wide based on art dimensions
Tag size backs- 4 to 6 inches wide based on art dimensions
Medallion Size Chest -5 to 7 inches wide based on art dimensions
Sleeve prints Short sleeve - no wider than 3.5 inches wide
Sleeve Prints Long sleeve - up to 14 inches long and no wider than 3.5 inches wide
Pant legs -up to 14 inches long and no wider than 3.5 inches wide

Print Locations
Our staff have been trained to place your logo in the best possible location based on garment style, and garment size. Example, Left chest impressions will be printed further from the center line on a XXL than on a small. Due to the inconsistency of garment manufacturing we cannot be held responsible for reasonable variations in impression placement from shirt to shirt. The standard we operate on is this, the impression is acceptable unless it looks obviously incorrect (crooked, uneven, out of place) when the garment is being worn. If the customer supplies exact dimensions for print location we will match those locations but ARE NOT responsible if the result is strange or unattractive prints or garments.

Printing over seams or special non standard locations

These types of prints are becoming increasingly popular and most can be done. However, there are complications involved with these prints such as bubbleing and blobbing that we cannot avoid. If you choose this type of impression YOU ACCEPT that these types of blemishes may happen and River City T's is not to be held responsible for these blemishes.


Screenprinting on garments is different than other types of printing. Those differences create issues when halftones and blends are incorporated. Digital and paper proofing will not accurately represent how a halftone or blend will actually appear. Furthermore blends may not be as clean and smooth as they appear on a proof. Some color combinations create strange and in some cases unattractive results. If you are unclear or uncertain about the results of your art CALL us and ask!

Specialty Items and Customer Stock

There are literally tens of thousands of garment and specialty items available to be printed on. Many of these items have limitations or special circumstances that create problems beyond our control. If you are concerned about the printability of your items ask us. We cannot be held responsible for unexpected problems associated with customer supplied garments.

Customer Supplied Artwork, Logos and Low Resolution JPG artwork

We request customer supplied artwork and or logos be supplied in Vector Formats (Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator with text converted to outlines) or in Full Size High Resolution Photoshop or JPG Formats (at least 200 dpi and full size). If you are uncertain how a particular logo will turn out ask us!


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