Got a weird idea?
We've done some crazy things!
We've printed dolls, mats, signs, and other non-clothing items before.

If your curious if something can be printed or embroidered, contact us to see if we may be able to do it. We will discuss the specifics with you and decide if whatever you have is something we can print or embroider. We have a few contracted customers who we help in printing or embroidering unusual products for occasions and marketing purposes.
We can do...
   *Print Over Seams
   *High Density Gels
   *Metallic Inks
   *Water Based Inks
   *3-D Puff
   *Contract Printing
   *Bulk Ordering
custom printing
custom embroidery
Patches & Transfers
artwork & graphics
promotional ideas
River City T's
1436 Burlington
N. Kansas City, MO.

(816) 472-7900

(Minimum order of 12 pieces)
Promotional Ideas...
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