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This Privacy Policy noted on, a website belonging to 'River City T's' with business address 1436 Burlington N. Kansas City Mo. 64116, does not 'sell', 'rent', 'lend', 'barter', or 'exchange' any so-called 'private' information ('private' meaning information such as phone, email, name, addresses) givin to use through this website will only record your email address after use of 1 (one) or 'all' of the email links pointing to the database. After record of a visitors email address is recorded, and used to communicate 'business' or 'sales'  information only, further communication is to be conducted through offsite email or telephone communication. No other information other then private, business, home email is to be used through this website. River City T's is not resposible for stolen 'private', 'business', 'home' email addresses 'taken', 'stolen', 'hacked' off our database or network. River City T's works hard to provide a 'strong', 'secured' network to avoid potential 'hacks', 'viruses', and 'lost data'. We are not responsible for actions taken against our visitors on our 'affiliates' sites. (Please do inform us of 'mis-conduct', or 'bad business practices' from our affiliates)

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