River City T's receives a lot of questions from customers. We have provided this Faq's page to help in your decisions so you don't get so-called 'stuck' in the process. Since this is all custom work, the price of the job depends on exactly what you want us to do...

-How many shirts do you need?
Price breaks are at 12, 36, 72 etc.

-What color shirts?
White is the least expensive color of shirt, followed by light colors & dark colors.

-What kind of shirts?
Shortsleeve t-shirts, longsleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. may be combined to get quantity price breaks as long as they get the same print.

-How many colors in the logo?
One color prints are less expensive than multi-color logos.

-How many print locations?
Are we just printing the front, or front & back & sleeves?

-Is there a set-up charge?
YES - $23.00 per color on first print run only. This can include some basic typesetting & layout work. Embroidery set-ups are done by quote.

-Can you print me 2 shirts?
Due to the nature of screenprinting, we have minimum orders of 6 per color in the logo. So a 2 color logo would be minimum of 12, a 4 color logo- minimum  of 24.

-Can you use the same logo on adult and baby shirts?
Usually this requires 2 different print sizes.

-Can you get this shirt in XXXL?

In some colors we can get as big as 6XL! For XXL add $2.00, and $1.00 per X after that.

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