A few years after opening we decided to take on embroidery! Now, down the road we are doing embroidery almost as much as printing! Having Tajima embroidery machines in-house we can accomodate customers needs for apparel such as corporate wear, dress shirts, denim shirts, and so on. Lots of customers use embroidery for business wear and other things such as bags, towels, and jackets for business use or special events. Embroidery is the most popular choice for decorating commercial apparel these days. This method adds strength and never fades or cracks after many washes.

The Embroidery Process...
First what we do is take the artwork or design and pull it  into our digitizing software. After, we will digitize your logo by color and layer. This process can take while depending on your design size and the amount of colors you have. *Keep in mind that when digitizing, different apparel requires different digitizing techniques. Embroidery can become tricky when using the same logo on different types of apparel! Sometimes, a logo may need to be digitized twice to achieve good quality on both types of fabric or apparel.

After being digitized, it is now time to match / or choose colors for your design. We carry Madeira & Robison-Anton thread types in either Rayon or Polyneon. Now trust us, we have PLENTY of colors, but if we don't have it...we can get it!

Now it's time to test sew the design on our Tajima 1 Head to insure correct alignment and build. If we have to make adjustments we do so at this point. Finalizing that the design sews accurately on the customer chosen apparel. After we've sewn the design, we send it to the customer for approval. After the approval, it's all in just sewing the customers apparel and shipping them out!
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