Where to start...
Here at River City T's we offer several ideas of how to go about creating artwork. All artwork of course starts off with an idea. What idea do you have in mind? Many customers these days are unsure if their idea will or won't work on the apparel they choose. We will gladly help you with that! We are always available to discuss ideas with you to help you in your decisions in what you want the finished product to look like.

Review these questions:
     -What size do I want my design?
     -Do I want it printed, embroidered?
     -How many colors are in the design?
     -How many designs do I want?
     -What is my time frame?
     -Have I confirmed it's possible?

All these are factors that play in when you are creating artwork for your order. It's always best to know what you want your design to look like when you approach us with you idea or order. As we said before, we are always available to discuss ideas with you to help you in the decisions.

Embroidery Artwork...
With embroidery, even though you may have your artwork or design it will still need to be 'digitized' by our studio. You can consult with us to have your artwork approved for the digitizing phase. We can always assist you in preparing artwork to be digitized as we do for many customers.

Sending us your artwork...
Of course, if you already have an embroidery file or your artwork done you can send it to us. Please include with your upload all information needed for us to accurately assist you in having your desired artwork or design. These include:

     -The correct file types
     -Is it being printed, embroidered?
     -How many designs are included.
     -Your time frame.
     -Name, contact information, company...

Acceptable art files

Adobe-up to CS3
.PSD (w/layers)

Email us your files to: chris@rivercityts.com
Acceptable embroidery files

.DST is the most popular
.POF - .PED - .KWK
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custom embroidery
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